Are you ready to change your financial life?

Webinar Training

Yuck Budgets! Yes they fail! Yes they are difficult to follow!

Yes they are a pain in the you know what!

What you need is a plan...a system around your personal finances that will actually reduce stress, improve your financial outlook and assist you with achieving your financial goals!

Hosted by:
Andrea Woody

CEO of AW Financial Solutions 

Learn the details of the Ultimate Money Plan with discreet actual client results. This is the proven system to achieve your financial goals and take control of your finances.

The Ultimate Money Plan is not just doing a BUDGET, it's what you need to Master your Money!


Here is what we will cover:

  • Money Problems vs the Wealthy Solutions

  • Elements of Solid Money Management

  • What you should include in your Plan to Build Wealth

  • Stages of the Ultimate Money Plan for Progress

  • Includes Workbook to lay the foundation for your Ultimate Money Plan

  • And Much More...